Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

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On 2019-01-04 at 10:14 AM, GermAntibody said:


Index is hella easy buddy. Take a tank or self healer, a high damage shotgun, and I don't usually say this but you REALLY REALLY need to lower your graphic settings because your computer is clearly unable to run the index at the settings you've got; you just decribed some serious voodoo sht. My i7 and 32 gb gaming ram  don't even understand what you're talking about, but I remember a time in the distant past wherein I didn't yet have a mod-making computer, and your are describing broken-level lag that's probably more to do with your hardware than internet connection. The index points should pick up immediately and never move independently. I solo the index 100% of the time. I run Saryn with armor, vitality, regenerative molt and a vaykor hek plus a good fast melee, and it usually takes me 4 to five minutes for level 1 and 9 to 10 minutes for level two, making the lowest level the most economical. Screw the top level. Good luck buddy.


As far as everone else on here goes... It really isn't that hard to get to max rank in a faction, I like having some things you have to work for myself so I am perturbed by how many people are complaining about the Old Mate requirement for Vox... Ahh. Don't get me wrong, I am 30 with a house and hellish job, I don't have much time for games and have to squeeze fun in, but only short term things upset me like dweebs that run in and ruin spies in pub(so I have a spy build and do them on private)... I don't see a problem with some things taking time. That is part of earning things. That is how it sets off your dopamine as if you did something difficult... Not just by wanting it then poof, having it.

Thanks for the reply, didn't expect one. I'm never on the forums so I only noticed a couple weeks after the fact because I'm looking for info on what I think is a bug concerning Vor announcing himself but not spawning in my current T4 interception. Solaris standing came up simply because I made the mistake of posting angry after that Index round, and looking back it's really not as bad as I thought it would be, mostly due to discovering the value of my hundreds of spare otherwise currently useless gems. In fact, writing this reminded me to stop by and offload over a hundred goblite for max daily standing and reached Cove, so I'm closing in slowly but surely. Took the marquise thyst blueprint so I can build Garuda too, so that's nice. Really I was just concerned because, to my memory, this is far and away the highest grind wall they've sequestered story content behind, AND it has a daily cap. Also I really REALLY want my heavy weapons, but that's not what I consider my valid concern.

Index feedback: I've had plenty of time to calm down so I don't mean any of this to sound argumentative if it happens to. Certainly not saying I have a top-notch computer but it's up there enough I can say without a doubt it isn't lag related. I run Ash with fatal teleport and covert lethality so the pickup is by no means immediate in any sense, and I consistently have to pace over the tokens two to three times before collecting them. The tokens getting up and walking into the goal was definitely just bad luck with the broker that turns invisible, but I still blame that on not being able to collect the tokens as soon as they hit the floor. Survivability isn't usually a problem with invisibility unless I run over an invisible mine, which while annoying I could accept if not for the fact that I have since looked through the broker roster on the wiki and haven't seen any that drop lasting invisible mines, only three with temporary vortex traps which I can see. This usually happens when I am completely alone on one side of the map, otherwise I'd suspect a stray projectile. Maybe it still is somehow.

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