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Let's have some brainstorm fun- Pick a Deluxe Skin and give it different powers!


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Greetings one and all

I have been a fan of the Silver Grove for what it showed us. To those who have not done the Silver Grove......SPOILERS AHEAD....


You good?



As seen in the Silver Grove, we met 3 Frames we all have had the chance to pilot....but they had completely different powers than what we are used to. This shows that the Deluxe skins are not just lore....but possible adversaries in the future.

And sadly, the Spectres in the Junctions are not as much fun as these....so I was thinking of what powers would be cool to fight against when it comes to Deluxe Spectres.

Here is mine for NIDUS PHRYKE Spectre

1- Infested Slasher. Phryke jumps on the Warframe (ala Manic) and slashes at Frame. When Frame gets up, speed is havled (ala Hobbled key) and powers are blocked by Infested Growth for X seconds. Weapons are unable to be held and it puts us in Unarmed mode.

2- Helminth Clone. Phyrke stomps the ground and X number of pods grow forth to produce Frames that you have had infected with the Cyst to appear and fight your Frame. If you removed the Cyst from said Frame, a Helminth Charger is also brought forth with said Frame. 

3- Tendril Eruption. Phyrke  calls forth a mass of Infested Growth that has tendrils that smack at the Frames and pods that shoot the Frame. The impacts from the tendrils will leave Infested spores if they hit a surface or proc Viral/Toxic if comes in contact with a Frame. The shots will produce Infested boils that explode after a few seconds with impact to surfaces or sapping boils that take power/life/Shields from Frames.

4- Become Juggernaut. Phyrke slams his hands down and gets covered in a hide that makes him grow to the size of a Behemoth. His speed and strength are multiplied and it changes his 1,2, & 3 as well. While in this state, the Frames are affected by a Life Drain Aura as well as a Toxic Aura. 

Ultimate past half his LP being lost- Phyrke jumps off screen and transforms into a giant Infested version of Nidus from the waist up. He then attacks the Frames with slams and swings that if they hit a Frame, drains life to recharge his LP. If he gains half of the loss LP back, he jumps back down to fight the Frames again as his regular Deluxe version.

Yuppers....those were my quik brainstorms.

How about you all? Pick a Frame Deluxe and deliver us the powers.


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Vauban Citadel Specter

Throws out a proximity mine like a bursa's

Throws out a vortex cube like that guy from the index

Throws out a disc that fires like alt-fire of Azima

It's not particularly crazy, but sounds like the kind of enemy I would reasonably think could be a reality.

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