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warframe just uninstalled itself on steam


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ok so , i just clicked on warframe icon on my desktop, and it load my steam as usual, however, 2 things are different , first  i somehow need to re enter my username and password to log in to steam despite i always have it to save my account info so it just automatically log in whenever i open/run steam , second  i have to reinstall warframe because somehow steam uninstalled warframe from my library , all of my other game are still there, it just warframe that are missing ( i know cause i dont have a lot of game on steam ) and when i check on discord, someone said that fortuna 2.0 just dropped, so of course i think this "issue" happen because of the update, another thing that make me believe that the update is what causing it is because i literally just played warframe a couple hours before the update but i had to reboot my device , after i reboot, wait a bit and i clicked on the warframe icon and there you go, warframe is gone 

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