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Can't do Mastery Rank 15 Mission since Fortuna Part 2 Update


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I can't do the mastery rank 15 mission after the Fortuna part 2 update. I think I just got enough xp for it during my last mission, while the red text informing us about the hotfix.

I completed the mission BEFORE the message said to stay in your mission, but it never gave me the option to do the mastery rank mission at this time; I initially thought I was just short a few xp. So I waited until the hotfix was deployed, left the game, updated, and then logged back in. When I did I was then told I could do the mission, but when I click on it nothing happens; it says "Please wait..." for half a second, then disappears. I've tried it again multiple times and it still doesn't work.

I've relogged, did a small mission to gain some extra xp, even did the practice in the relay and it's still not working. I'm now currently stuck on rank 14.


Update: there's several other people in region chat saying they have the same problem.

Update 2: it's working for me again; I just did my usual thing, checking if I could do the mission after each mission, and then I was suddenly able to do it again.

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Update 2
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