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stealth kills are


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One common element in NPCs in Warframe is that most one way are another have some weird asocial disconnect from basic human interaction.

NPC’s don’t react to your or player proximity.

In Cetus most vendors stare off into the beyond or gyrate around like mentally ill street people. Konzu comminicates to you over some listing and lurching video link with a flat facial aspect.

 In Fortuna their heads bob and swing with no relation to what they are saying. I wait with dread when I reach old matey standing.. rude zude is the complete opposite it seems from the video I’ve seen. Eyes locked on you but head lashing about to acheive a creepy unnatural effect even for crazy people.

Lotus is nothing but a randomly bobbing head with some lip flapping added in while she speaks. Her eyes don’t track, because she doesn’t have them.


Bluntly, the artistic direction around npcs seems adverse to engagement of any kind.

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