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Venari wont stack Kavat set mods


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Cant readily remember the specific name of the set.

This morning on my PS4, i loaded up and decided i would check out the new mod sets on Khora, Venari, and my Kubrow, Lupin.

I stacked all the Kubrow set mods, and they were fine.

When I put the new Kavat set mods on Venari, I noticed in the set mods were not registering the set stack.

So, when I went to Khora and checked her mods, the Kavat mod only showed one stack, when it should have showed the stacks for the other 2 i had equipped on Venari.

Also, I can equip the same Hunter mods on Venari and my Kubrow...one mod in two places at once?

Minor thing, may even be simply not showing

Keep up the spectacular work

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