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Shield and Gun?


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So, this will be short and simple, straightforward and sweet.

Given the fact that DE is currently working on melee 3.0 as well as perfecting blade and gun specifications, how outlandish would it be to have a shield and sword weapon, coupled with a sidearm?

Effectively, if you have something like the Ack and Brunt equipped with a Lato currently in hand, you could hold your aim button/trigger down, to - instead of zoom in/aim - bring up the shield and aim over shoulder to block damage. You could, therein, only move at a limited speed (as if you were legitimately aim-walking) but prevent some long range damage.

The only other drawback would be that, whilst having your secondary out, you can't quick melee.


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Hmm. Enemies with riot shields already kinda do this, I kinda like this idea.

Quick melee actually isn't going to matter soon since they're going to make quick melee straight up switch you to your melee weapon in Melee 3.0. Or well, I think that's the plan. I was actually going to suggest a shield bash, otherwise.

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