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[PC][TECH] Monitor shuts turns off and on during & between missions


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Upgraded my video card and monitor last week.

MSI 1070ti gaming oc edition
Asus 25" 240hz monitor, with g-sync, using the Display Port connector

I used nvidia's recommended settings, which were mostly high & 240fps 240hz. My monitor will sleep for 2 seconds then come back on during:

  • Missions when lots of enemies or abilities are going off
  • Loading in a mission when normally you can fly your ship up/down a little
  • Loading out of a mission back to my ship

Sometimes during the mission, it was on/off/on/off/on/off... nearly constantly. I reduced some of the in-game options to medium, and turned the refresh rates in game down to 120hz and 120fps.. This solved the mission slow downs.. but it still is affecting in between missions.


I've tried tuning every setting, v-sync, can't get it to stop. GPU/CPU never go above 50% so I'm not sure what to try.


I've never had a game do this to my monitor. PUBG and COD work great. I would think that the game would Lag instead of actually sleeping the monitor. 

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Had an older GTX 650 started to do that on World of Tanks, but not Warframe, World of Warships or some other games I played.    Then it started doing it on more games.   Then randomly at anytime the PC was in use.   More frequently, as well as times when it would just go nuts.   Then it died.  This GPU was already old then (the thermal paste was more like lava rock it was so dried out and porous), so likely not your cause.   As yours is still relatively new.  But it is possible.  

Heh and not long after the monitor died as well.  Similar circumstances.  Turning on and off.   But it would do it for all games.  Related to the GPU dying?  Dunno as both were pretty old.

Still have your old monitor or some other monitor you can use to test your new GPU?   And if you still have your old GPU, I'd try that as well with the new monitor.

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