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New operator hair strand beginnings


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Yeah I have to agree with you here...For some of the hairstyles it looks like they're too big to fit the head. Like the hair needs to be closer to the scalp, because on the sides of the head I can see right through. It almost looks like they modeled every individual strand, but I don't think it payed off here... 😕

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They don't look better than the old hair to me.

Old hairstyle: https://i.ibb.co/Q67jg6T/warframe-operator-hair-older-01.png

New hairstyle: https://i.ibb.co/QPXFGzr/warframe-operator-hair-new-01.png

Ok, so I have my settings on low, but the old hair looks just fine. I definitely don't expect anything to look amazing with everything on low, but I didn't expect it to look worse. It doesn't fit. The hair and clothes look nice, then you have the hair which looks weird and crunchy, with gaps in it.
I wonder if it's related to Kubrow/Kavat fur looking wrong for the past few months, even after the fix (which didn't change much for me).
I was excited for the new hairstyles but they look weird. I hope that is unintended and will be fixed.

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