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Super Secret Room Suggestion


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It's just a thought that came on me but it might not be something everyone will appreciate.


A super secret room is designed to seem like it's inaccessible but there is only ONE way to access it and it must be done with such precision or you can not access the room and will have to start the traversal from the beginning. Inside will be a guaranteed rare mat of the planet as well as an uncommon or rare mod that does not give any Fusion Core. Additionally, it also has a ton of containers and/or lockers.


It's just an idea that I would think be really interesting and changes up the pace for explorers.

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+1 for both MORE and MORE

MORE as in number of secret rooms, more is always better


MORE as in harder to find rooms, more secrety is always better

IMHO having secret rooms that always have at least one crate that will drop a mod would make them more worthwhile to hunt down as well (since currently only void vault rooms are really worth the effort)

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