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Sawgaws Not Spawning


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Hello, as the title says, Sawgaws aren't spawning after being called. You can hear the direction in which they should be approaching from, but they don't appear at all. I'm unsure whether this happens with the other new animals as well, though.


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My method below....



They come flying in from the sky. Took me a dozen attempts to perfect the technique but this is what I do.....


1. once you find the echo lure call location, clear out any hostiles in the immediate surroundings

2. At call location do the call. Listen for approximate location it will come from. Call again

3. Go into archwing mode and look UP (I found it best not to use the tranq gun aim. Makes it harder to spot. Just look up normally for the flying creature as it is easy to spot)

       -side note** if I had tranq gun equipped I could not go up and down in the archwing**

4. Watch where the Sawgaw lands (always seems to be on top of giant mushrooms) then staying a little bit away just get into a good line of sight with the archwing

5. Then equip tranq gun

6. Shoot

7. Floof

Hope this helps.



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