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Titania Post-Buff Issues


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After some quick testing I appreciate almost all of the Titania changes (Not having to stack copies of the buffs for rarer mobs for entangle is nice), particularly the energy buff.  (OMG SO MUCH ENERGY!!!!) But, Lantern still is kind of wonky.

So, I really like the change where it returns to its original location, however there's about a five second delay before this kicks in.  This will, depending on your range, still temporarily shut down Lantern's crowd control, making melee-ing lantern enemies, which is the point of that ability's augment, still really incredibly unreliable as it's super easy to send your lantern flying into the stratosphere with melee.  Even if it comes back after about five seconds, those five seconds are enough for the lantern to leave the range of surrounding enemies, them to wake up, and kill you.  And more problematically, the momentum of moving back to its original location will end up pushing the Lantern past its location, resulting in this weird back and forth pendulum motion that takes a LONG time before it stops moving entirely.  If the delay before it starts returning were reduced this would cut back on both problems.  The Lantern buff was sort of the hallmark of Titania's "rework" as if that ability doesn't have its consistency issues fixed, all you've given us are a bunch of very much appreciated but otherwise small quality of life improvements that don't really shake up how Titania is played at all.  The Lantern changes are cool, but it needs to not get thrown into the stratosphere by simply touching the thing, even if it comes back in a bit.  The Lantern needs just stay put (Or follow Titania around, adding that to her Lantern augment would be really cool and fit thematically with the melee playstyle that mod encourages, just saying!)

As always thanks for the update!  I definitely appreciate the buff to my favorite Warframe, which has been a LONG time coming.  Just a little more and she'll not just be a faerie with only one trick.

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Also my previously posted Razorwing + Zenistar bug has been partially but not completely fixed.  Zenistar disk does keep its damage types from mods, but does not get damage, attack speed, or range mods while in Razorwing.  Just figured I'd mention it here and consolidate my Titania notes.

The Zenistar also emphasizes Lantern's problem, as in my testing my lantern in the disks range immediately goes flying, and out of the disk's range, still got thrown into the stratosphere by another enemy corpse falling and just barely touching it.  It had a surprising amount of force behind it too, flying further than if the disk just hit it.  Weirdness all around!  Anyway, please make Lantern stay in one place and just not move at all?  (Or follow Titania with her augment, because that'd be fun.)  Lantern's fixes are just a band aid on this problem, one that at best needlessly burns energy to replace the lantern (at least you made that easier by having the "oldest one replaced" idea, but depending on which one goes flying still drains a lot of energy just to make the ability partially do what it should), and at worst straight up just gets you killed.  Her one doesn't suffer from this because the enemies are crowd controlled no matter where they fly off to, but Lantern's crowd control zone requires it to not move...but it can.  And almost never in a way the player actually wants, rather just "oh, you touched me, I'm going to fly way off over here really quickly and be useless now bye!"  I like the floaty aesthetic, but can you have the enemy target instead of just being invulnerable (but still being physically there), have everything go right through it (except the Diwata so if you wanted to actually re-position it still you could).  I don't think I can emphasize enough that Lantern NEEDS to stay put to work, and right now it just way too easily does not.  One melee hit from a heavy blade, polearm, or other long range melee is enough to send it off into the distance.  One tick from the zenistar disk is enough.  One Dex Pixia shot is enough.  That thing needs to be FAR more resistant to being moved, or better yet just immovable period.

I love Titania so please please fix this!  Your changes so far are appreciated but without Lantern doing its thing properly all her "rework" is is a bunch of glorified quality of life updates.  And I would hate for this ability to not get the same quality of life love (on top of the really neat idea of having four of them) and then you move on and never touch Titania again.  She's considered one of the worst warframes not because she isn't strong (Razorwing does a #*!%load of damage) but because this ability of hers is WILDLY inconsistent.  She's squishy but can't reliably use her ability to lock down the battlefield, which is a recipe for a dead Warframe.  So in short, thank you, but I'm going to keep complaining a bit because if you don't address it here historically it'll be a VERY long time before it ever gets addressed.  This is my one opportunity to help fix the problems of my favorite Warframe.

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