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Profit-Taker Permanent Invulnerability during 4th phase


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though, there is still the chance she will invulberable and stucked in this way - in the last part of the fight after all shields are gone (pylons and the "leg" things too) she might get herself stucked in some rocks and can't get damage anymore, only shooting her turret and occasionaly the energy-blast. the remaining, not smoking legs still get the visual vulnerability-phase, but won't be damageable with the AW-gun like before.

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Ticket #1567389

Experiencing the exact same bug.


Profit-taker Orb. 
I join a game, allready in progress. (so can't say which phase she is in)

After taking off her shields, getting some spider legs, and eventually damaging her enough, to go into the next stadium of invulnerability, 
Profit-taker Orb mother, refuses to launch her 'energy restore' tubes (pylons), that we would need to take out.

Instead, she sits there, and launches various attacks whilst invulnerable. 
Her pods never come out from the head, nor do any show up (thus, not a visual bug either) over time. 
She instead, stays in this state. 
Laughing at the little dollies around her with a; 'what now, huh?'-smirk. 
*imagines Orb mother flexing eyebrows up and down - if any*

One person leaves (who suffered ability bug). 
Then the host leaves.

After the host migration, she skips her shield-pods-step. 
And instead goes immediately back, to a normal fight.

The 'replacement' host thinks; '*censor* it, I'm out of here'. 
And treats me on another lovely host migration screen.

After all that madness, I can finally focus on a restored fight, and bring down the Orb mother.

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