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static texture (orb valis), head glitches, etc,...


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first of are static black textures that extends to the entire length of orb, at certain angles they are not visible, but I consider them static because if I return to the same spot I see the exact same texture glitch





second which for me is not actually noticeable, but for most parts it is disturbing once you notice it (maybe just mine tho)

happens mostly when an animation including the whole warframe moves in a complete rotation such as a combo in stance mod: cleaving whirlwind  when doing the repeated 360 swing, also in vermillion storm: cardinal breeze. not sure why it appears but please any setting recommendation is good 


lastly is in the latest update which is the same with the baruuk update, secondary weapon aims are of the mark, looks awkward, and does not align with the reticle



actual bullet trajectory



if I have committed any errors in posting this (such as wrong thread) please point it out and I will recorrect it


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