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Huge Warframe Suggestions About Gameplay And Clan Dojos (More Of The Gameplay)


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When people see these Warframe advertisements and this website, with all contents put together, we will be attracted and will start playing this high quality game. But after one month or so, its gets boring, nothing else to do except get new weapons, kill lots of enemies and get out of a mission. There is no story mode, no campaign, no interactive stealth mechanism, obstacle is so simple and getting boring and many more.


I have a question, Why do games with an interactive story-based campaign is so classical and does not get boring and dull so fast. I am going to take Halo 3 as an example. You play this game, finish it and you want to play the whole thing again, and you know why? Because there is a campaign and it is story based.


Well DE, for me, I am not bored of this game, I love it. But I always get bugs, crashes and some other problems which made me a little not interested, but still fine. So if we are going to add a story mode and a campaign, or both, this game will be fun-to-play-for-a-long-time-and-its-classical.


I know that you will make new updates, making this game even better, and this is just a beta version. But I feel like I just want to play something else for a while, and wait for newer updates about gameplay.


These are my list of suggestions for gameplay:


-More detailed HUD (The current HUD is just plain by the ways.)

-Can carry weapons from dead enemies

-Can do stealth mechanism

-Campaign, story mode

-Better Obstacle course

-Of course, NEW weapons and Warframes, Enemies and Sentinels

-More deadlier secrets in Orokin Void

-Original Orokin void Enemies (Optional, I just want to see some hard-to-kill enemies in the Void)

-More ninja moves

-More powers in each Warframe

-More secret maneuvers with Primes (Warframes)

-Add Fan Weapons available in market (Portal Gun, etc)

-Add premium weapons in the market

-Can climb on ships

-Can fight in outer space

-Can fight in air, in or on top of a ship

-Can climb on trees

-Can have an option of doing 1PS (optional)

-Can be able to throw grenades

-Can be able to see Infested Transformation towards infected enemies

-Better Cinematic on Bosses

-Can use bare hands in fighting

-More available platinum for Everyone in-game


These are just some of my suggestions for gameplay...


Second of all, about the dojo. Like I said in some topics about this, they should add a Enemy Raid unto your dojos, unique events for each clan dojo and a place called "Home".


These are my suggestions for the dojos :


-Add Unique events for each clan dojo

-Add Enemy objectives to destroy clan dojos

-Add enemies and cinematic of enemies breaching into clan dojos

-Add better obstacles in the Obstacle Course

-Add more type of gameplay in the Dueling Room

-Remove sentinels inside the Dueling Room

-Add interaction inside the Oracle Room

-Add Scoreboards and Leaderboards inside the clan dojos

-Add a panel or screen for incoming alerts

-Add the ability of making Fan Weapons for the clan

-Add more furniture which we can interact with

-Add interaction to plants like watering

-Add the ability to design clothing for clan dojos

-Make more rooms

-Make more interactive decorations like cleaning, polishing,etc

-Add pictures with all members of the clan dojos into the Halls.

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I love these:

-More detailed HUD (The current HUD is already awesome by the ways.)

-Can have an option of doing 1PS (optional)

-Can be able to throw grenades

-Can use bare hands in fighting

But I understand that first won't be done with probability of 80% and second — with probability of 100% (Just look at Dark Sector trailer and part of idling animations in this game, You'll get the understanding why).

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