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Flat survivability mods for pets need some looking at


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These mods were actually something I'd wanted for a long time; link-mods are cool and all, but leave pet survivability heavily reliant on playing a tanky frame yourself. And since pets are pretty braindead facetankers, they kind of NEED that survivability. (edit: except for the cat breed that's just permanently invisible with a decoy or something??)

except the values on pet base health and on the sentinel mods are both so low that in many cases these mods still end up being worse than linking to even most of the squishy frames. If you have the tankiest dog breed and are using one of the squishiest frames, the flats... barely pull ahead. There are only four frames with less than 100 (300 at max) health, and these are probably the only ones where it's going to see a noticable improvement, to a still entirely insufficient result.

Sentinels have high base health and don't scale from level, that's why their survivability mods work alright with being weaker than warframe ones. Pets do not work the same way, and really need something better.

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I was of the assumption that those six mods (armor, health, shields) were going to be made available across all platforms, so I was rather surprised to find that;  sentinels didn't get the link atribute mods, and that mods that were given to pets/moas made them appreciably worse then they were before.

I won't lie I was totally hoping to link the health of my carrier to my Inaros for some sky high hp levels but really I just want my pet/moa to have some health and armor as I am tired of picking them up off the floor if I am using something other then Inaros. 

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