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I Didn't Receive My Affinity


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Hello, I am a new player on the PS4 version of Warframe. Today I was watching a guide on Warframe from iflynn that my friend shared with me, and he told me to sign up with the link in the description because it would give me an xp booster. sounded cool, so i signed up with it.

i signed up, got going and now im finished with the tutorial. got going, game's pretty good. i have no xp booster though, so i feel cheated out. I wanted to share this bug because i don't think this is supposed to be on purpose. i trust my friend that i was supposed to receive some sort of xp booster. anyway, hopefully you hear me out so i can get this over with o7

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5 minutes ago, Ueusebi said:

i think you have to play 10 missions


I'll try doing that, thank you

EDIT: The link you provided doesn't work, and i also manually tried going to 'referral program' on the site and it doesn't work, i don't think that part of the website's online.

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