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[Nyx Post-Rework] As the Queen of Crowd Control, Nyx really only has 2 types of forced action modifiers in Mind Control and Chaos. Here's some additional changes I think that would benefit her kit.


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I'm a Nyx main that has spent roughly 40% of my overall playtime on her. If you've played other MMOs, crowd control has several flavors. Among the most well-known types are stat debuffs, movement modifiers, action/ability rate modifiers, and forced action modifiers. Currently, Nyx's kit only has forced action modifiers, and her rework will add armor debuffs. Here's some things I think could be added to the rework to supplement her abilities.

[1] Mind Control: Allow her to extend the duration of the control of an enemy by holding down the ability key for 2 seconds, which will consume the regular energy cost, but keep the originally targeted enemy under her control. That way enemies don't expire right after the timer ends.

[2] Psychic Bolt: Should be able to cast multiple times. Locking Psychic Bolts to only one set of targeted enemies makes the point of one-handed cast moot. Besides armor debuffing, I think she should be able to toggle through various effects by holding down the key, much like how Ivara can switch her arrows.

  • Default: Armor debuff, as mentioned in the devstream. A defense modifier.
  • Second: Slow debuff, as a movement modifier. Slow down enemies so they can be kited and more easily hit.
  • Third: original ability, useful for probing and damaging enemies through walls and doors.
  • Fourth: Taunt effect, force affected enemies to attack Nyx directly for a duration, and overrides chaos while active. Good for racking up damage with absorb.

[3] Chaos & [4] Absorb: Good as they were described in the rework.

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