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Mesa Prime & Weapons - Relics


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Heya Tenno, chats are down and Wikia doesn't list the drop locations yet. Let's help ourselves and get the Relics together at least.
For those like me who didn't know it, you can find the Relics in Codex too, under Relics & Arcanes (lower left corner). Enter the item you search in the filter and you get a list of all involved relics.

Mesa Prime
Blueprint - Neo Z2 Uncommon
Neuroptics - Lith M3 Rare
Chassis - Axi H4 Common
Systems - Neo M2 Rare

Akjagara Prime
Blueprint - Neo S9 Common
Link - Meso M2 Uncommon
Barrel - Meso A1 Rare
Receiver - Axi L3 Uncommon

Redeemer Prime
Blueprint - Lith B6 Uncommon
Blade - Meso Z2 Common
Handle - Axi R2 Rare

Edited by Toran
corrected Akjagara Receiver
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48 minutes ago, ChaosSabre said:

Well if you checked codex and relics section you could have easily found all off the Meas Prime relics.

Many folks appreciate these helpful relic lists, as it means they can simply peek at their phone/tablet to see what the relics are, at any time. As opposed to going through the codex each time, or having to make their own list. 

It seems silly to snark at someone, merely for posting an often asked for list. Every new Prime Access, there are posts asking for this info, so the OP is simply getting ahead of things. 

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One correction to the list:

  • Akjagara Prime Receiver - Axi L3

What I would have found more useful is a list of *vaulted* relics... but being unable to find one, I scoured things myself and came up with the following list:

  • Lith B5
  • Lith C3 *
  • Lith H2
  • Lith P1
  • Lith Z2
  • Meso B2
  • Meso Z1
  • Neo B5
  • Neo H2 *
  • Neo K2 *
  • Neo L1
  • Neo M1
  • Neo S7
  • Axi C3 *
  • Axi E2

* These  relics are currently still in the drop tables off of the Profit Taker Orb - I expect that to be hotfixed very soon.

Edited by Zgwortz
Missed Lith B5 and Neo K2 & L1
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