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In-Game Item Converter.


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So, i've come up with an idea that would make a great change in my opinion. 

How about an in-game item converter? As many of us have a ton of nano spores or anything other they have farmed endlessly and cannot put to any good use anymore.

Add some sort of ratio to it, one orokin cell equivalent to 5,000 or 10,000 nano spores, and sideways (make a table for every item that way, sorted on rarity).

Now, i know this would also become a rather easy farming method if the converter would be implemented.. So, how about making it some sort of menu in the warframe lobby which is blacked out, and adding an item ingame in the lines of "Material Converter" which will drop from a T3 void with a 5% chance or something (now the menu will be available).

This way it is farm-able, hard to get, but also.. when you have it, things become a bit more comfy (a goal to work towards).


Let me know what you think of this idea, i'd love some feedback myself, maybe people who like the idea that like to add something to it or adjust something. Please do vote if you think its a good idea! That way, the staff might recognize the idea and actually implement it, if it has some support.





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i'm going to flip a table if i see a weapon with 50,000 Nano Spores as one of the crafting reagents. that's NOT the way to balance resources, heh.

DE will probably make something like this, to explain the nanos drop rate.


Tho, you can never have enough nanos. Drop rare now is to low. I only have over 700 k of them and i really need more.

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