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New Nyx bugs after newest update


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So far I have found 2 bugs after playing around with the new nyx changes

1. Mind controling a target now makes them completely invulnerable, this happens during the 4 seconds, and after. This did not happen prior to the update, and I dont see that change anywhere listed on the dev workshop. 

EDIT: Upon further testing, I believe the bar itself seems to be glitched, because while leveling a seperate nyx, enemies who would be mind controlled still seemed to die, whether it was from enemy fire, or at the end of a defense round


2. While using absorb, the absorb counter now increases magically on its own, Im not being damaged in any manor, this did not happen prior to the update. This happens with and without the augment

I can record a video with shadowplay if thats what is needed to show what I mean

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