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[SOLVED] COBA infestation defense


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I've been playing COBA (Earth) this afternoon. The infested are not attacking the Cryopod as usual. They mostly stay outside of the "arena." I need to go outside of the arena to pursue them. I have not seen that behavior before. Probably just the servers being slammed with the updates and the two new Warframes among other new items. I have tried the same mission a few times with the same result.

-edit Some infested do attack the Cryopod. It's just not the normal stream. *Most* of them stay outside of the arena.

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I just played COBA with a squad of players. It was not intended to be a group, but it seems like random players are joining the same instance. We had about 6 players at one point. It's just like a join in progress PVE (coop) game. I saw the normal amount of infested attacking the Cryopod during this session, but players were both inside and outside the arena. So they kept the AI agitated. What I saw early today after the update was different. I was playing solo and very few infested were attacking the Cryopod. It was like their path finding was goofed up.

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