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Fortuna 2 patch: Staticor hits user on ½ or more of shots under some spesific conditions


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After fortuna second content patch applied today along documented staticor changes there appeared atleast one extra one:

Atleast if using Rhino prime with noble animation set in orokin delerict tileset (not sure if tileset mattered, now testing in next map problem does not seem to repeat) staticor consistently detonates 1/3 to 2/3 of shots immedeately after firing. Based on aoe range it seems they detonate at back of playermodel as one needs to be about 40cm from containers to destroy them when bug happens.

Variation in how often shots detonated without traveling was result of shooting while running to different directions related to camera. Was able to consistently repeat bug for about 50+ times while playing mission. However next map could not repeat it even one time.


Anyone else have noticed same?

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