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Valkyr Kara helmet ponytail is limp


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My favorite frame is Valkyr Prime, and mine uses the Kara helmet, which I really love. I love her springy ponytail and how it swings when she runs. However, I logged in just now to find THIS!

What it looks like now vs what it looked like before today's update:


My ponytail is now limp and lifeless. I unequipped and equipped and the problem is still there :C

Guessing this is an unintended side effect of some other changes. It bothered me because I like this helmet so much and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't missed. Not a game ender, but it certainly bothers me more than it should.

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5 hours ago, Kagura21 said:

Yeah i think they should revert this helmet. Before it look like a ponytail but now it looks like a wet big noodle

So glad to see someone else who doesn't like how this looks. I don't see many people using this helmet so I'm concerned this will be overlooked.

I just realized, while running a bounty through the Vallis, that a visual issue I had before with this helmet is no longer there. Previously, if I went really fast on my archwing, did a long slam attack with a melee weapon, or went fast on my K-Drive, the ponytail would stretch out really far. Since it no longer does that, I suspect the limp noodles might be a fix for that problem. However, while it was a little ugly, I much rather prefer to have my old high ponytail that glitches out than this, which contorts and sits backwards on her head sometimes and even clips through her head. It also flails around a lot more than the old one which can be distracting.
It's annoying and really bothers me because this is my favorite helmet and a big part of my fave frame's look. I signed my name on the art wall at Tennocon with a little picture of this helmet. My friends think of me when they see other Valkyrs using the Kara helmet.

I really hope whatever changes happened to it are reverted, but I'm guessing that because it "fixed" a "bug," it won't be. :(

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I agree...They need to change it back. Mine favorite warframe is Valkyr and when i saw the change i prayed it was just a mistake and that DE would change it back....nothing happened...I'm now forced to use other helmets because i can't stand to watch those lifeless noodles

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