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Prowl bug with Ivara (Tested)


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This is actually a bug that can be replicated so if anyone does own Ivara, please test this out and respond with your results in hopes of getting this bug fixed quickly.

Also please note that this bug was tested in the Simulacrum in solo so host connection/lag did not actually play a role in this testing process.

So there is a bug with Ivara in which prowl won't actually turn you invisible but will instead just fail completely while still consuming the cast energy.

To replicate this, all you have to do is just walk at a normal pace (not sprinting, but not at the same speed as prowl) and double jump, however you have to time your second jump with Ivara going invisible, so at the last second of her cast time, you have to jump again while still moving, doing so will cause you to remain visible despite it not actually interrupting the cast time of prowl.

Now I have tested this out and found that the bug doesn't apply when you're standing still or moving at the same speed as prowl, it also doesn't apply if you are sprinting but will apply if you initiate a bullet jump. The bug will also apply if you wall jump after moving at a normal pace, but it won't apply if you weren't moving before the wall jump or if you were sprinting at the wall.

Further testing is in progress, but for now this is what I've found out so far.

please try to fix this bug DE since it is really problematic for Ivara due to her poor survivability outside of stealth.


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