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[QoL] A small list of things that can improve the experience overall


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I was watching this video, and I think it says some interesting ideas, the guy talking seems really passionate about the game, and while I don't think he is 100% right in everything, the general idea that he gives is right, DE must create content that doesn't consume easily like a 30min cinematic quest that costs months to do, but rather something that you repeat over and over, yet you have fun and find new things every time you play, and of course, give a proper challenge and proper rewards up to that challenge and time consumed (arbitrations are still quite easy and not really rewarding).


(Still, fortuna is pretty neat, but he has a point, It's the same as cetus, enhanced, but the same, and I bet the orb boss fights will be the same as eidolons, but we'll see)

Also, make sure to check the comments, there are interesting ideas that people left there!! I'm going to leave some of those below

Warning, this posts has a lot of "maybes", ideas that need to be iterated and adapted.

List of things that I would like to see (in order of amount of work needed to make....I think)

"Simple" changes:

Regarding dojo and clans: Make the dojo the spawn-room, make it so you dock your ship in the dojo and use it only to go to missions, like an optional thing. The place will feel more alive, and it will be what its meant to be, a place of reunion and social interaction.

        -Enhance the social system and animations so that it's exactly like in a mission where you see all your partner animations and pets

        -If you choose to dock your ship in the dojo, create a hangar and put the ships there, so other clan members can see your ship and even enter it, currently other players can see your ship from inside, only if you invite them, which rarely happens.

       -Dependencies for room construction are USELESS, I have two floors in my dojo, one for the actual dojo, and a basement full of trash rooms, for example all the low tier halls. What's the point on having dependencies? If you have a ghost clan of 10 people why would you want to have 6 halls? Please.

More fluid emotes, when you move, automatically cancel the animation that you were doing (that one is pretty easy), people don't really use much emotes because of that, also It could get you killed and is simply too much steps to express yourself (customizable emote-keybindigs would be nice too!)


This one may be nice, but it has some problems:

1:When I reached Sedna, I still didn't really understood how damage, armor, and status work, doing Mot to unlock the sacrifice was hell, only after knowing how the game works, it becomes easy.

So you should do an actual tutorial. Not some campaign of youtubers making guides, no, an actual in-game, well explained, step by step, tutorial. Not all players search for external help to learn the game they're playing, currently you have to put so much effort to begin to understand warframe and that's not okay.  You introduce a mechanic and you explain it well, I didn't have the less idea of what a void relic is, the game just throws you a screen full of texts, numbers and icons. Now it may be easy but remember that it was overwhelming at the start.

How many players have quit the game because of that? Out of 10 of my friends, only one stayed until end-game, now Im the only one playing, let that sink in, if you want to do something for newbies, forget openworlds at the start of the starchart and do a tutorial first.

2: The cinematic quests will be even more harder to access, and that is a game changer for a new player, and its behind a 100h gate right now, making it most harder to achieve only will harm the experience

Hard changes:


We never really explore the enviroment in warframe, the majority of the time we are following a waypoint, and all maps are pretty much the same, with random procedural dungeon and mechanics that support exploration (permanent waypoints like the ones introduced in the last update, make it worth exploring, put hidden upgrades, energy pizzas or something more valuable in a game mode like that), it will make the game more fun. Roguelites are a good example of few content that is worth a lot of time and gives a lot of challenge and fun. I'm going to say that the binding of isaac is a good example. it's a different game I know, but I think the idea can be adapted to this game. Limit what you can take with yourself, the sortie system does that, but it can be taken further to do things more interesting.


A mode where you manage your resources and if you die you lose your reliable weapons and have to use some other thing in your arsenal? Seems interesting enough (of course you lose it till the end of the mission, unless you want to put other escape zanuka mission, maybe it could work, idk)

A good dojo editor, something like the level editor of portal 2 would be perfect, but is pretty hard to do I guess.

--And that's all for now, maybe I'll do a more elaborated feedback sometime, but I hope someone from DE sees this, at least.--

What change do you think Warframe needs to improve your experience? Feel free to comment!


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