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Using a Forma will allow you to set a Polarity to a Modslot of your choice or change an existing one to another one. But your equipment will be reset to Rank 0 and you have to level it up again! The more Forma you use the stronger an equipment will become. But don't use a Forma without a plan. Think ahead what Polarity you need or if it is really necessary to do so. 

Quoting myself from: http://wegaming.de/gnarls/#mods

Why you want Formas? To half the cost of mods with the same polarity. This gives more Capacity to slot in more and stronger mods

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7 minutes ago, Stealthninjaktk said:

So, I understand that Formas apparently switch somethings polarities, but I don't understand what that means and how they work.

You can use forma to reduce the cost of the specific mod

the mods contain an ~ D V polarity .. if you have exceed the capacity of the mod deck you could add an polarity to give an empty slot an specific polarity 

the correct mod that equals the polarity will reduce the cost that the mod cost .. so if you have an mod that you ranked up to 10 for example .. you will see the number 5 comming back

when you add it on that polarity

i belive that you have around 70 points to use for mods when you have an Catalyst installed aswell

so if you have ranked up the weapon to 30 .. you'll be able to use forma on empty slots .. you could use 8 if iam correct ..

but after each forma you placed on that waepon or warframe . it will be resset to 0 and you need to rank up that specific weapon or warframe to become active

you can add as many high ranked mods as you like .. but you need to forma it every time to exceed the limit of the deck .. 

do note that more forma's beeing added the quicker the waepon or warframe can level up thru missions..

-- I hope you can do something with this .-


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