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It's time to play: WHERE'S DE'S USABILITY TEAM?


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11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Replaced old Corpus lockers of various types with shiny new and improved Corpus lockers on numerous tilesets.

Let's play a usability game!

Which of these lockers have been unlocked via the Master Thief mod?

Using the image above, can you tell at a glance if any of your teammates have Master Thief mod equipped and have even tested these lockers?

Is this new feature colorblind friendly?


If you do not have the software/plugins to test for colorblindness, there are websites to test of this:
Coblis - Color Blindness Simulator
Toptal Colorblind Web Page Filter


Seriously, DE, you need to hire some User Experience researchers.  This is a horrible backwards step in usability and quality of life for the users that could have EASILY been avoided.  
Don't get me wrong, the new design of the lockers seem to fit more with the Corpus theme, but communicating to the player if the locked (formerly "red") lockers are untested, locked, or unlocked is bad... like nonexistent bad.

We appreciate all the work you put into this game.  Seriously, no joke.  This game is freaking AMAZING! 
However, you're getting to the point where you need think about hiring a User Experience research team so they can help make the game and upcoming features better and more user-friendly.  Remember: If you cannot communicate key aspects of the game to the user, then you have wasted your time as they might as well not be there.

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12 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

Inb4 images are broken posts.

@topic I didn't pay attention so far, but they indeed look all the same to me

Are the link images broken? 
I noticed a couple of new threads with broken links as well, so added the imgur url below.  Thank you for the heads up!  

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Reposting from another thread, but yes, please! We need red lights back for locked Corpus lockers. We also need white lights for lockers which were originally locked but were unlocked by Master Thief or Scavenge. It's currently hard to tell a locked locker from a successfully unlocked locker from a failed-to-unlock locker. Not to mention the lack of colour change makes the act of opening lockers a lot less satisfying.

While we're at it, can I also ask for unlocked Corpus lockers to get their GREEN light back? While they do have a light, it's currently a sort of teal/cyan colour. Warframe in general tends to use a game-wide colour scheme to communicate mechanics. Green lockers, doors, consoles and such are open, yellow ones need to be opened, red ones are locked. By changing the colour of locker lights, this player communication is broken. The blue light also blends in with most Corpus tilesets, which are well-lit and generally bluish.

I like the new locker design, but they feel unfinished or bugged.


I should point out that the new Corpus consoles from Fortuna 1.0 also aren't consistent with their Grenier counterparts. Grenier consoles display an orange screen only when the orange "disable lockdown" objective is active, as did the old Corpus consoles. The new Corpus consoles display an orange screen when the alarm is on, and a different but indistinguishable at a glance orange screen when lockdown is in effect. I understand wanting to update to new higher-poly models, but losing player readibility is not a worthwhile tradeoff.

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