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Controller input/output issues


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I've been playing the game for about a month now, using a controller the whole time.  The first couple days I used a SteelSeries Stratus XL bluetooth controller. This worked fine for a bit, and then started having issues with the trigger button either not enacting a shot when pressed, or failing to stop shooting when no longer being depressed.  I then switched to a shield controller, which worked better than the other Bluetooth controller in that it seemed to consistently replicate inputs and not add extra input where there was none.  

During the last patching cycle prior to the new fortuna update, I noted that the view/aim joystick was unexpectedly sensitive (something that seems to be endemic with Archwing missions in particular) although it was now affecting all gameplay.  Restarting the game helped a little, and the search that I did suggested that the sensitivity of the controller was somehow tied to the sensitivity level of the mouse connected to the computer. 

Now, with the latest patch, the functionality for bullet jumping, crouch/jump seems to have been broken completely.  Almost 100% of my attempts fail, resulting in an animation that resembles the second jump from an in-air warframe, disallowing a second jump off of the first, and not performing as expected.  I do not desire to use mouse and keyboard, as if I did, I already would be and the controller issues wouldn't matter.  The thing is, however, that I do wish to use a controller and yet I cannot seem to do so in a way that is enjoyable, with patches breaking much functionality, and each separate controller having idiosyncrasies.  I have FOUR different options, being a Logitech F710 wireless, a nearly new SteelSeries Bluetooth controller mentioned earlier, the Shield controller which is basically an X360 clone, and a steam controller.  None of these suit, many of them seem to be affected by THREE different sets of options, being the PC mouse sensitivity, the steam controller configuration, and the in-game controller configuration.  Some, such as the SteelSeries have another out of game configuration beyond the first three.    

I'd welcome any sort of feedback, as this is getting to be pretty frustrating.

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