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Why is Moa AI/pathing so horrible?


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Even getting the prompt to hack a console myself multiple times usually doesn't trigger a hack. I have to drag it past the console 2 to 5 times before it decides to do anything with it (where space will actually allow me to move past the console enough to move Moa). I've even stripped it of any abilities other than hacking to make sure nothing else was interfering.

Running through maps and it will regularly teleport 2-3 rooms back the way I came from instead of toward/onto me.

It is the ONLY companion that doesn't understand stealth means no shooty the bad guys. We're cloaked in Ivara's Prowl but it's alerting everyone by shooting them.


Running a solo spy mission:

We'll duck in this unused room to hide and get energy... come in here. come in. here. Too late you've alerted the guards and they've killed you.

Okay. Moa's back up, everything has settled down, and I've got energy. Let's start bullet jumping through the rooms before they can notice us.

Now you decide to go into the prep room? We're done in there. Come on catch up. Why are you fighting things? We're moving too fast for them to even alert... and you're dead again.

Prowl back, revive Moa, and sneak into a clear room. Okay, let's try this again. I'm dropping Prowl so stick with me this time oka... where did you go? Why did you teleport back 2 rooms for revenge? And you're dead again... so worth it huh?

Prowl back and revive Moa and sneak into a clear room further away. Okay, let's try this again. I'm dropping Prowl so stick with me this time oka... y? Still here? Sweet! Let's get back to it.

Wait how are you dying again? You went all the way back to the first room? Okay Prowl quick and Moa is just barely alive. Stop shooting things and get over here.

5 minutes of back and forth later:

Okay, hack this panel to get us into Room A. This console. Right here. This one. Right... here... never mind I'll do it myself. Prowl up for sneaky times.

Right, now this next panel. Right here. Here. This thing. Yep, you got it. Thanks.

Okay now this is the important one that holds the data... just hack this... this... here... just hack th... why are you back there? Why are you shooting them? We're in prowl!

Alarm triggered... reward halved. You are so worth it. Just hack this quick... this... hack this... never mind I'll do it myself.

Data retrieved, let's prowl out of here. I'll just stop outside the room and energy up. Why are you taking damage when nobody is here? Oh, because you aren't here either. You were right next to me a moment ago but now that we're safe you decided it was a good time to actually check out that data console I guess. ...And they've killed you.

Prowled back up, revived Moa, killed everything in the data store (because Moa demands it apparently), and energied up. Let's get on to Room B.

5 minutes and another Moa revive later:

Okay, hack this panel to get into room B. This one... right.. here... this... why are you just watching out the door? There's nothing coming. Just... hack... this... panel... never mind I got it. Prowling up for sneaky times. 

Now where are you going? Why are you running back the way we came? You've somehow teleported directly to the data console? You l33t haxor you! I wish I could tell you to hack it fro... STOP SHOOTING!

Alarm triggered... reward halved. I'll just rush there to retrieve the data myself then.

Okay, safe out of room B, and energied up. On to roo... why are you taking damage again?

Nevermind. I don't need an answer.

Ordis... ONE to pickup.


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