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Why is the Kit gun in profile still bugged?


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  • 3 weeks later...

i still got one kit gun as "unranked" in my profile (also without picture) - the other 3 are ok though. all 4 KG's are gilded and maxed already (all but one are formated several times too, so maybe when one puts in a forma, the "problem" disapears too?) and none was buyed (so, not the same problem as with the k-drive).

i'll put a forma into the last "bugged" KG and test if this will remove the faulty entry too...

EDIT: ok that was BS... not only doesn't change, i also saw that i had all 4 mastery parts of the KG's correctly shown as mastered (gaze, tombfinger, rattleguts and catchmoon)... BUT... there is one entry in the profile that is shown as "kitgun", unranked and even with 3 kills (one headshot ^^) i should have done with it.

very strange indeed - maybe a hidden cow-level somewhere in the valis? the "completed" counter in the profile also shows me 99/101 with me only really missing the akjagara atm, so the faulty entry is counted as existing weapon. maybe it's a placeholder for later, but then again why should i have "scored" 3 kills with it?

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On 2019-01-05 at 8:24 AM, N2h2 said:

Remember kitgun that have been bourght already guilded (daily offer) didn't count as mastered. No clue if it's actually fixed but may help if it's the case


i didn't buy kit guns with plat, thats a total waste lol. All the kitguns i mastered ARE in my profile, these are phantom Kit guns that don't exist yet are in my profile

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