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Nyx Rework


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Back in the days, i used to play a lot of nyx and considered her to be one of my favourites. Now in the present, she's finally gotten some love and id love to hear some of the community's feedback on her.

for my own opinion:-


im a bit disappointed with this one. "enemies have a chance to drop their weapons when hit with an ability". 1) it's counterproductive against 4th ability. 2) doesnt help 3rd ability much either. im not sure how to change this passive but this doesn't seem too beneficial (besides survivability) or even productive to go along with her other abilities.


-1st ability:

one of the best changes to nyx's 1st ability. no complaints. it's just fun to see the ability actually help you do dmg.


-2nd ability:

while i love the overall change of the ability and how it helps you in higher level missions, im just sad to see the damage go away. if implemented back in, along with the new changes, it would help nyx players identify the targets of this ability. yes, they glow green, but this ability goes through walls and can easily just fly off anywhere. i wouldn't mind if the ability just proc slash dmg for 1dmg per tick to help identify the targets.


-3rd ability:

it's always been great and i cant complain or find ways/needs to change the ability.


-4th ability:

this ability actually does what it's supposed to do. nice overall change but would've loved to see casting animation slightly sped up on the deactivation (but i can always mod for that so just my opinion on this).


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1 minute ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Haven’t tested her cuz I’m on console, but from others feedback I can gauge that my concern was right. The Math for damage conversion on Nyx’s Absorb held it back far more than its damage type. 


well, i like to play with friends and depend on their weapon damage than the enemies' dmg but i can understand that.

2 minutes ago, Learicorn said:

Her passive was always like that, they were gonna change it for an accuracy debuff on enemies but for some reason didn't...

noticed that too so i got a bit confused. let's hope it gets changed soon

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First of all I love the new sound effects.

For the passive - I haven't played enough to notice any significant difference here (only logged in for half an hour before work, so going to give it some more play now). I like how it should function with 1, 2 and 3, but agree it seems counter intuitive with Absorb. Tbh I'd rather have something from Baruuk's kit here instead, like Elude, but anyway...

Being able to cast Mind Control while moving is fantastic - helps a lot with movement flow.

I like the function of Psychic Bolts, but it seems now going to have to build for a bit of power strength to get that to 100% debuff. So Overextended has to go, which impacts on radius of Chaos etc. Few mod changes to get some power strength and not sure what to go with at the moment. Also not entirely keen on kind of random targeting of the bolts given their crucial debuff function now - and then having to hold to detarget to fire off at new targets - should just be able to recast and have it apply to new targets while releasing the current targets.

Not commenting on absorb, haven't played with it enough.

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Things i want for mind control:


1.MC target now stationary, hold 1 to teleport the target into Nyx's new position. This to prevent them from going into cover and waste your support dps.


2.should just gain damage instantly (instead of wasting ammo) and gain Exalted mod slot (for elemental vs faction armor/shield/health).


3.The MC target should not prevent the mission from advancing to next wave in Defense.


Things for Psychic Bolts to change:


1. Allow to spam cast again.


2. Psychic Bolts mark target for Mind Control and Chaos targets to attack them as if they have high threat level. (Useful to command and keep her theme as psychic frame)


3. Debuff is permanent instead duration.


Things for Absorb:


1. Base range should be increased to 20 meter.


2. Dmg and multiplier :

a. Base damage is now 500 magnetic + 500 of any absorbed physical/elemental damage

b. 1.0 multiplier for every 3 shots on Absorb


3. Now release multiple waves that travels for 0.2 second per wave.


Each wave is the absorbed physical/elemental damage. If theres slash, puncture, impact, toxin, heat, absorbed from grineer attack, it will released the absorbed damage in that order until it runs out of juice.


While releasing wave, Nyx can move freely during that explosion.



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I always loved her concept and was highly anticipating this rework. Old nyx could nuke an entire room, and i was hoping they went back in that direction. Obviously not! Stripping armor is great DE,why you stopped there?. She is professor X, and we all know he can sip a cup of tea while making everything die.nyx can't even kill a level 40 enemy with absorb. I'm highly disappointed. Clem is more useful than a mind controlled enemy.

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I play a lot with Nyx, but honestly I have not noticed the changes at all, except for the better sounds of course. My understanding is that any damage output still doesn't scale very well for higher level enemies, but on the other hand I never modded her for strength anyway, just confusion with 1 & 3 and overall invulnerability and completely ignoring enemy abilities/knockbacks with 4 (assimilate).

I'm really just happy they didn't ruin anything with the rework, at least not for my playstyle 😄 It would be cool to see a proper range for damage/knockdown effect of her non-assimilate 4 though, or else it feels pretty useless. It is great for protecting things, but gets incredibly boring for the player who can't do anything while it's active, except for running around in operator mode.

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