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Ideas for a Mesa Rework


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I will list every ability and what I want changed. Some abilities need more change than others:

Marksman's Dexterity

  • Having a one handed secondary now increases status chance and crit stats, so it is as useful on Peace Maker as fire rate
  • Dual wield weapons still increase fire rate
  • Bonus to health also applies if no primary is equipped, and applies twice if only a secondary is equiped

Ballistic Battery

complete overhaul

  • Increases crit chance by and additive 100% and crit damage by an additive 1x for a number of shots equivalent to 50% of the maximum magazine capcity.
    • Number of shots effected by ability duration, and rounded up.
      • For example, with a Soma Prime equipped and 155% power duration, it applies to 200*1.55*0.5=155 shots.
      • Since it is rounded up, it will apply to 1 shot of the Vectis Prime if power duration is bellow 200%, and 2 shots if above 200%.
      • Since it is rounded up, it will always effect 1 shot from a manual bow such as the Dread.
    • Bonus effected by power strength.
      • For example, at 130% power strength, a weapon with 75% crit chance and 6x crit multiplier becomes 75%+(100%*130%)=205% crit chance and 6x+(1x*130%)=7.3x crit damage.
    • Bonus applied after crit mods, thus not effected by them.
    • Allows weapons which normally have no crit chance or crit multiplier to crit.
      • For example, at 130% power strength, such a weapon now has 130% crit chance and 2.3x crit multipler
    • Augement now applies status chance to all effected projectiles
    • Switching weapons dispels ability, but ability carries over after reload if charges are left.
  • May increase energy cost for balance purposes

Shooting Gallery

Made recastable, but otherwise unchanged

Shatter Shield 

Made recastable, but otherwise unchanged


Field of view can no longer drop bellow 10 degrees, no matter how low power range is. Otherwise unchanged.

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3 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

This might be one of the most well constructed feedback posts I’ve ever seen. Applause react for you good sir.

thank you! I normally get a much worse response. I honestly just thought up the entire post so I could have a minimum range Mesa Prime.

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