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New Warframe Idea: Reaper


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Hello, ever needed that extra health boost in battle but couldn't find a health orb to regenerate? well then that's where my idea for a BRAND NEW WARFRAME comes in, I call him..........Reaper. I originally designed it to be a mix of Excalibur and Mag, but then i realized the true potential of Reaper and created a whole new armor and skill set (it also comes with 2 alternate helmets: Dethgard and Soulripper) Harnessing the powers of void and the ability to channel life essence through a receiver in his right gauntlet, reaper combines the play style of both Mag and Excalibur but with the regenerative capabilities of Trinity . I also plan to design a set of weapons for it (i.e burst-fire rifle, dual pistol, and a melee weapon in the form of a scythe) but they might not all make it into the game, but if they do hopefully they will include them all in a bundle from the in-game market. So enough chatter and onto the in-depth story of reaper and his skills:


Class Description

"Sometimes to fight evil, one must become evil, hence the birth of Reaper, a warframe forbidden to only the most powerful of Tenno, Reaper channels the entities of the Void, gaining the ability to drain the life essences of those around him to sustain his own needs"



Health: 120








Skill Set


Scythe (like Excalibur's slash dash ability) - Cleave through all targets in front of you, stealing 15 health simultaneously  Cost: 25 power


Void walker Cross over into the Netherworld, doubling damage but draining health at the same time 

Cost: 50 power, lasts 10 seconds


Eye Of DeathMark the target with the eye of death, increasing all damage done to it

Cost: 85 power, lasts until target is killed


Soul Siphon -  Drain the life essence of all enemies around you,completely restoring your health and that of any Tenno in the immediate vicinity

Cost: 200 power, 3 sec cast time


Ive already sent a message to one of the administrators to forward my idea to the design team any positive feedback will probably lead to you seeing this in-game! if enough players like this idea of a new (slightly overpowered) warframe then this will probably lead to it being added to the list in one of the future updates


in case any of you have any questions or would like a preview of what Reaper and the weapon sets look like my E-mail is russianjuggernaut@hotmail.co.uk the designs are only in alpha stage but I am working on more detailed drawings to share with the community, please feedback your thoughts on Reaper as soon as you can!!!!!!

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