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Nyx's Bolts Augment STILL not fixed and worse.


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I made mention of this multiple time in multiple parts of the forums. It's a fairly well known issue with her Bolts augment and has now been made far worse due to her inability to spam Bolts like she previously could. Something I also have issue with but first I'll do a visual example of what's wrong with her Bolts augment because somehow it's stayed this way for years.

Animation effect can interrupt the stun duration of Augmented Bolts. This includes procs from weapons and other enemies performing effects like gun buts.


*New* When the duration of Chaos ends on an enemy the Stun duration of Pacifying Bolts also ends.


Now I'll get to the 6 Bolt limit here. Nyx is traditionally built 40% Power Range. This is what makes her a good CC frame. Giving her other options is great but the trade off here was not. You've made Nyx a worse CC frame overall by removing her ability to spam Disarming Bolts while giving her an option to debuff enemies at too expensive a cost. Going from 40% Power Strength to 130% is not a trivial thing and  being limited to one instance of Bolts at a time is simply awful esp for Players who use Pacifying Bolts which still worked well with Elemental weapons.

Chaos Sphere augment creates separate instances of the Chaos circle which is nice for a Nyx being forced into lower Power Range but it also removes the Stun portion of re-casting Chaos making it generally safer to simply re-cast Chaos than rely on the extra areas created by the augment.

I don't really know what to say on this rework. Her passive is worse, her CC capacity is worse, her debuff is mediocre and her Absorb damage doesn't matter to me. I kinda wish this rework was completely reverted. "Giving Nyx some love"  looks more like nerfs to me.


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