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Operator Re-Mesh Is Still Terrible: Legacy Mesh Option Please


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My operator is ruined still, pants are part of the boots instead of the main suit, my shoulder pieces were reduced in size and every waistband piece is a giant hula-hoop that makes you look like a friggin' moron.


Whoever made these changes must have a serious astigmatism because nothing looks good anymore regarding Operators and then you have the nads to give us Prime Operator items.

Why in the flying feck would I buy my Operator anything anymore when a year down the line you can change it into garbage that matches poorly with everything? Please give us a Legacy Suit option because I am NOT happy. You changed items I bought into items I don't even want anymore and as usual you are 100% ignoring everyone who doesn't like this change.

You did this with colors, you can do it with the meshes because a change like this that alters aesthetics to the degree you have is unacceptable. 

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