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Every Good Heist has a Chase/Escape Scene...


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Maybe Little Duck is stuck somewhere, and Archwing is out of commission for story reason (thunderstorm?)... so we have to race toward her on K-Drive?

We need a mission type and proper content/reward for K-Drive.   Maybe a Race-Of-The-Day thing?  Maybe Alert for a race with special reward like a new relic?

K-Drive is really fun.  Being able to hop from one rail to another is so satisfying.  I really wish DE will focus on featuring it more in gameplay, and not just making it harder to grind standing.  If DE makes daily k-drive race missions or alert that drop the newest relic, I'd still play K-Drive regardless of maxed standing.  

K-Drive is really a next-level environment design challenge for DE.  Designing for not just beauty but also function.  The central coolant tower with all those twisting rails are so cool to grind on but grinding on it is clearly an afterthought, so it's a big missed opportunity for example.  Another area I'd like to see grindable is the grineer outpost east of Cetus with all those black wires.  

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