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Endless Fissure Missions - Voiding Out While Countdown Reaches Zero Results in Graphical Glitch


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I was playing a Defense Fissure Mission trying to farm parts for Banshee Prime.  We had just completed our 10th wave, and I was kind of goofing off and jumping around doing whatever.  The Lotus finishes her speech and the Relic countdown begins.  Unfortunately, I miss my footing just as the timer reaches 1, and I void out on 0.  The screen starts fading to black, but JUST before it completes that and I would respawn, the game attempts to display the available reward choices.

Nothing displayed.  Like, there was just enough text to see everything else, illuminated JUST so, but the cracked relic rewards did not display whatsoever.  I didn't know what they were, nor could I see what my cursor was highlighting, and was kind of stuck with whatever I personally rolled (luckily it wasn't bad, I got a set of blueprints for a Prime frame.)  I was able to select a new relic following that, and we continued on as normal.

Unfortunately, I forgot the default keybind for taking a screenshot and I wasn't recording my gameplay, so I don't have anything for you regarding that.  I didn't bother attempting to replicate it because I was looking for something specific and didn't want to risk losing out on that.

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