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Formaing Archguns Isn't Working As Intended


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Short and sweet post, if you forma an Archgun it will not update the capacity properly allowing you to put mods back in as if you hadn't used a forma.

I don't have photographic evidence but a short description is as so. After applying a Madurai polarization your mods will be removed to make up for any space that would be lost due to the level reset, but your capacity numbers and polarity change do not take place until *after* you close out of the mod menu.

This means that you can put mods into your arch gun that would pre forma equal up to 30/60 capacity based on catalyst, but only have your MR based capacity available after you leave the menu.
I know this specific bug has happened a lot in the past, but I thought it was worth pushing into the spotlight for a while.
Also, because of the way that Archguns seem to work, it does not make a check that your weapon is within capacity before going into a mission. This means players can bring unranked Archguns into any mission as if it were rank 30 with no penalty.

Edit: this also makes it impossible to remove mods below the - capacity, so if you're above 50 by 5, as displayed by -5, any mod removed that would restore 4 or less points bugs out and does not remove.

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I am also having this issue- I tossed a forma on my Phaedra through the grav based version and it broke EVERYTHING- the gravsystem seems to double the capacity- but if your acrwing gun has a catalyst on it (im crazy enough to use one on it) and you forma through the ground version, the space variant will indeed only have the bonus of your MR rank- but will keep the charge- im so utterly confused as to what the heck is going on with my poor baby Phaedra ;-; It registers I have forma'd twice on the space variant, but not on the ground variant. So lost I cant even English it right xDunknown.png

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