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I didn't receive an XP boost from referral link [PS4]



Hello, I am a PC player for a year now, and I've done pretty much every quest available, so I wanted to try my hand at console Warframe. Since I don't have real money to spend on this game, and consoles pay for tennogen with plat, I figured I'd start. I used SkillUp/iFlynn's referral link from their latest videos, and I tried to get going on console. It's not working though, since I know I'm supposed to receive a week-long affinity booster shortly after completing the tutorial. I know, it's not required, I can just repeat high-reward missions like spy until i get them to 30. But i feel cheated out, and it doesn't feel right. Plus, the whole point of signing up with the link was so i could make my life easier, beacuse restarting Warframe is really tedious for a lazy guy like me. 

Anyway, if a DE employee/Archimedean/anyone who can help is reading, please let me know if i can do anything to fix this on my end. It feels like it might just be a problem on my side. o7

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