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ClanEmblem freezes game for 20 seconds or longer, again. Then lost connection to host.


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The problem has happened before...

But this time, the problem is happening while in a mission. This 20 second freeze happened while more players are joining. There is nothing wrong with a super fast SSD storage where storage activity stays at 0-1% while the game is frozen. Host migration may have kept me in game this time, at a cost of losing connection to all players. My network connection is not the problem as my live stream continued with good connection. Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/351151376  (this may show another possible bug, equip fishing spear and use archwing at the same time)


Looked at the EE.log... The problem continues to be ClanEmblem being too slow to load, taking 21.1 seconds to load from an unstable internet connection path to server or slow server, while in a bounty mission on Orb Vallis.

11238.838 Sys [Info]: Used shared /Lotus/Interface/ClanEmblems/b/57a58dbf08c56fe5b6464c4b_em.png (3,996B Copy: 0.00s Write: 0.00s Latency: 21.1s)
11246.478 Net [Error]: NetDriver::Update connection timeout detected! Destroying connection to ***:4950 due to timeout of 7.50709.

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21 second freeze happened while in Fortuna. Once again, ClanEmblem loading from network freezes game problem.

EE.log shows this.

5446.465 Sys [Info]: Used shared /Lotus/Interface/ClanEmblems/2/51ca367e07c56f6532003232_em.png (10,368B Copy: 0.01s Write: 0.00s Latency: 21.1s)


As a side note, most other ClanEmblem have like 0.06s seconds of latency, but this still caused the game to micro-freeze for a short time (mostly less then 0.1 seconds).


There is warframe game files, Cache.Windows/B.EmblemDx9.cache and .toc that can be both removed. The freezing worsens when removed. Warframe launcher fails to download any Clan Emblems at all, and verify cache doesn't download clan emblems either.

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While this wasn't much of a problem for a year.

Now, this problem got a lot worst recently for the past 12 hours since this reply. Happens in relay, or when a player with custom clan emblem have just joined in a middle of mission. 21 second freeze, unfreeze, 6 seconds later, Host migration or all player disconnects from me. Only while in relay I can stay connected.

280.320 Sys [Error]: Can't create header stream for /Lotus/Interface/ClanEmblems/e/5de72b713f8d4a09765df58e_em.png (not in Windows cache)
301.691 Sys [Info]: Used shared /Lotus/Interface/ClanEmblems/e/5de72b713f8d4a09765df58e_em.png (12,656B Copy: 781us Write: 25us Latency: 21.4s)
301.691 Sys [Info]: Preprocessed /Lotus/Interface/ClanEmblems/e/5de72b713f8d4a09765df58e_em.png (21s 0% CPU) [Heap: 1,499,072,960/1,641,676,800 Footprint: 5,407,522,816 Handles: 1,100]

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