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Redeemer Prime not applying crits with Blood Rush on shots fired


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I’m just really confused with the Redeemer Prime. And I’m pretty sure I remembered back in 2016 the regular Redeemer was able to crit as per MCGamerCZ’s build for a Critical Gunslinger with Valkyr:

Now, we have the Redeemer Prime which has been advertised as per its paper stats as being a crit-based gunblade. However, when used in mission or even in the Simulacrum with a 2.5x combo multiplier or higher, shots fired via charged shots or Bullet Dance don’t crit at all even with a Blood Rush build equipped. I was able to achieve 3.5x combo multiplier, almost hitting 4x combo, with only white numbers to show for it. Not even Sacrificial Steel helps boost its crit level.

The only way shots fired can ever crit is via Smeeta’s Charm or other means to flat-raise the crit level via Harrow, Arcane Avenger, Adarza. 

So, DE, why give the Redeemer Prime crit stats when it can’t even do just that? Is it a red herring? Is there an oversight that’s preventing the gunblade shots from ever critting in the first place?

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