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hunting standing earned confusion


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taking a equinox out on the plains to hunt since its easier to put the targets to sleep then shooting them and never getting a chance at perfect capture ive noticed a problem with the the pobbers earned standing. since usually 3 of them show up if you wait till they're bunched up you can sleep all 3 can collect them. sunnies are (out on the field) 800 each think that was probably my error sunnies showed up at 400 when i tried to repeat and my ps4 has decided it only wanted to save 5 min instead of 30 so i cant verify i what i saw the first time.   my mission rewards show up 1200 rep,  when i go inside to switch sentinals since ive still a bit of scanning to do it says i only have 400.  i just ranked up and it was at dead 0 no chance of extra i missed. where did my 2400 go? where did my 1200 go?  i know its SOOOO much easier to get fortuna rep but its the principle, i just want to know whats going on


was able to do it agian and it seems like theres some odd things going on.  looking at in game rewards syndicate standings tab solaris united plus 1800 (600 from vermink) current standing cove 4000.   i left there with 400 standing and somehow 400 plus 1800 = 4000 but it went to 1800 total standing when i got inside. so somehow 400 plus even if it was 400x2 (2 pobbler hunts) + 600 (1 vermink)= 1400 thats still not correct something is wrong with it


i say this agian its not a terrible grind hunting for rep (at least for me) and i still get the tags for each extracted critter but the rep seems to do whatever it wants,


yea so 3rd times the charm checked tags before i left since i started questioning what i was getting and turns out its only 1 tag even tho mission rewards show 3 for pobblers, 

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tried to see if i could get it do miscount agian
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