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Solo Excavation No Enemies


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Can confirm.

This type of thing happens quite frequently while solo, mostly survival and excavation type missions.

From my fooling around inside the missions it appears to be related to some limitation on the number of enemies permitted to be spawned on the map.

An optimisation that I am assuming is related to client side cpu performance. 

I will normally find the enemies elsewhere on the map either 'stuck' on some piece of terrain, running in circles or into the wall or other boundary. Killing these stuck enemies and quickly moving to another point on the map normally gets things going in the normal fashion.

Number 1 offender on Earth seems to be kubrow dens, if you run past them and leave the vicinity quickly they will leave the den in the group and just stand there, no doubt counting as an emeny to the limiters, but not aware of the player.

As I mentioned you can kick things along by searching for other enemies on the map and killing them. I hope this issue is eventually addressed, it is annoying to encounter.

It isn't such a big deal in regular survival missions where you can freely move around to find/kill enemies to get the spawns happening again, but in missions where you need to be present in one location to protect an objective like kuva survival @ taveuni or any excavation mission it can really slow the games down.

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Same here, I'm alt-tabbed for 10 minutes, game on other monitor, no mobs have spawned unless I go towards exit.  Really frustrating doing this solo.

Edit:  almost 1 hour for 800 cryotic.....Kw1Wm9u.png

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