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Can we fix Gara's wall?


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I understand why Gara's wall couldn't be left as it was on launch, not really but I accept it. However, since the initial nerf and subsequent attempt to balance her back a bit, there has been a couple of ongoing issues that really should be addressed with her.

For starters, the enemies can walk through the wall like it isn't there. Don't be confused, I'm not saying that they knock it down to fast I'm saying they are able to either poke their gun through and shoot you through the wall while it's there at full health and in other cases they just pop through it like it isn't there. While the wall is in effect at full health there is no reason why anything should get through it, it should be a barrier for the enemies until they knock it down.

Second, while I really appreciate the fact that with the most recent chances her wall was made a little more translucent, allowing for more choices of colors to be used, on maps like Hydron, it's still able to catch and reflect so much light that, regardless of color selection you can't see enemies through it. so you're in a fishbowl with no way of seeing outside.


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