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Horakh 2.0 preview


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Note: This is a preview of my upcoming Horakh 2.0 concept. For those who haven't followed me before, Horakh is my concept of a sun-/light-based warframe, inspired by Ra of Egyptian mythology. He is designed to be a damage-dealer, with just a little support capability and crowd control thrown in for good measure.

Comments and (constructive) criticism is welcome. As for concept art, hopefully I should have that soon. My artist has said he wants to do Horakh's design just right. But for an idea of what he could look like, refer to the images at the end of my post.

Base Stats

  • Mastery Rank: 12
  • Health: 100/300
  • Shield: 100/300
  • Armour: 200
  • Energy: 100/300
  • Sprint Speed: 1.12
  • Polarities: 1 V, 1 Bar
  • Aura Polarity: Bar

Acquisition: Horakh's main and component blueprints will be acquired throughout a quest chain that centres on Mercury which, as it turns out, is the planet closest to the Sun. You'll be visiting an underground temple complex, and have to complete a short series of trials to acquire Horakh's component blueprints, before facing a specter of Horakh himself to acquire his main blueprint.

Passive ability - Stellar Fusion: Horakh's passive has a similar mechanic to Nidus' mutation stacks called Solar Stacks. He passively generates them when in brightly-lit areas, and his 3rd and 4th ability consume a number of stacks. In addition, when Horakh is slain, and provided he has a minimum number of stacks, he detonates himself, causing lethal damage to nearby enemies; this attack is called Supernova. Lastly, as he gains more stacks, Horakh's Accents will begin to glow the colour of his Energy. At the maximum amount of 100 Solar Stacks, Horakh will also gain an aura of light that same colour as his Energy.

Ability 1 - Searing Gaze: Horakh stares down enemies in front of him, in a cone-shaped area, dealing some damage and blinding them for a short time.

Ability 2 - Solarium: Horakh creates an area of cylindrical light that both heals allies and deals damage to enemies within its area of effect. Counts towards his passive.

Ability 3 - Daystar: Horakh creates an orb of light that flies into the air, which then explodes into semi-homing lasers that deal damage to enemies they find in a nearby area. Similar to an Eidolon ability.

Ability 4 - Solarforge: Horakh conjures weapons of solid light; an Amp-like gun called Atumun, and a Polearm called Atenra. Both weapons deal Heat AND Radiation damage.  Hits from Atumun have high status chance, while hits from Atenra have high critical chance. Atumun regenerates ammo over time similar to Archwing guns, and Atenra's slam attack is similar to that of the Paracesis sword. Like other Exalted weapons, they will able to be enhanced via mods.

Horus inspiration for Horakh's design

Ra inspiration for Horakh's design

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I think i saw this warframe before and i suggested the orb like ability but used a crystal instead. If i did im sorry i forgot about mirages fourth but if i didnt still yea, mirage fourth. I think we should ->try<- to come up with something different to make the warframe feel more fresh and new.

I dont think have any warframes that can make a single powerful continuous beem of energy yet except for the maudri tree using the iron man beam which is pretty cool.

So id say give your warframe something like an exalted secondary weapon that allows him to fire beems from his hands. Tap to to fire in single shots switching from hand to hand and hold to put both of your hands together and unleash a big beem of light energy.



Now the fourth sounds coolish but im not feeling it because i feel like it could be more jaw dropping than "just another exalted weapon ability, yay".

I would rather this fourth ability turn him into some sort of phionex that functions much like revenants smoke like ability except you can move up and down like youre flying. This ability will set eniemes on fire and deal tremendous damage. However this ability has a cooldown timer. The cool down timer is sped up if hes inside his second ability.


My ideas, lovely passive, 1st, and 2nd abilitt though! I like them quite a bit especially the passive. I think its pretty cool to have another warframe that does something special when it dies 💙💙

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When I read your suggestion about changing Horakh's 4th ability, I was very intrigued. I am now looking into how that could be worked in. Currently, I'm imagining that upon activation, Horakh will grow a pair of bright, shining wings. This will allow him to fly like an Archwing. Dashing will make him charge forward like Revenant's 3rd ability (the one you mentioned in your post). Using his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd abilities while his 4th ability is active could also give them additional effects.

His Supernova attack-on-death would have a 2 second delay. Horakh will still bleedout like most other Warframes, and only IF he bleeds out will Supernova's countdown begin. If he is revived before then, Supernova does not execute.

His 3rd ability, Daystar (might rename it), is very similar in function to the Star Prism attack used by Eidolons. Just for clarification.

I might turn his current 4th ability into a themed weapon set. Owing to this potential new status, Atumun would become a gauntlet weapon (similar to a Gamacor, which is as close to an Amp as possible), and Atenra would become a throwing disc (Aten is the sun disk in Egyptian mythology, and also non-throwing weapons can't be wielded with guns at this time, unless DE change their minds...). Both could be wielded seperately of course, if so chosen.

Thanks for your input Ghost 00. 😎

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