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New Mission Idea/Story: Treasury room


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Just an idea


Imagine the Warframe broke into a treasury room. However each room is locked and to proceed into the next room you must defeat waves of enemies. Each room could be filled with loots and rewards. Each room being unlocked makes the reward worth while at the same vast exploring new areas of the map so that means changing your battle tactics and use the environment to your advantage.

Until room 5 is reached and it is the most challenging yet for there is a boss battle that will begin after defeating the wave of enemies. 

The idea is still a draft, but i will expand on it. I just felt the need to write this down and share it.


Thanks for reading.

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I'll be honest it seems like an interesting idea but I'm not sure it's enough to warrant a full game mode. However, you could make it so it a bonus room that has a chance to spawn on tilesets ( i like the idea of it being in the void and Lua). It would still keep the waves but on the fifth wave to boss spawns. 

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