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Exergis Weapon Effects


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I have the same exact problem.  Its obnoxious.

2 hours ago, FegsDreth said:

what graphic card you using? I'm having same problem ( see my post )

Laptop Nvidia 1080.  Handles everything else in this game just fine at 4K with highest settings...but I can't move the camera too close to the operating end of the weapon without the particle fountain causing a slight dip in framerate.

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It's not a PC problem, it's a Warframe problem.


This, without aiming, ALMOST normal fps. You can see the black glowy part at the crystal, it's not supposed to be there.


Now look at my FPS, this is seriously unplayable, especially in actual fights.

Now this happened with a dark energy color. It's even worse with a bright one since it will blind you on top of that. Seriously, please fix this fast.



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