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The War Within and subsequent updates (Spoilers)


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I don't know if I'm in the extreme minority on this. Maybe most people are okay with it, but I was wondering if it would be possible for you to stop gating so much new content behind The War Within.

Don't get me wrong, I've done the quest line. But the fact of the matter is, I absolutely hate the Operator. They always come off as a whiny, self-righteous egotist and the alignment system is supposed to be profound, but it's really just arbitrary. (Not to mention pointless.)

This latest quest being gated behind Little Duck so you're FORCED to be Scrappy Doo in order to talk to her ("Yes, you're literally freeing slaves and fighting whole armies, but how dare you look like that in front of me. Because I totally don't have any mechanical parts and am not a hypocrite." But I digress.) really drives this home. Virtually every new Warframe has required Kuva, which can FORTUNATELY be taxied (yes, I did that quest, too), but still. The intent is that you HAVE to play as the Operator.

But my question is... WHY? Why do you want us to care about Scrappy Doo so much? Why do you keep forcing content to require them? It's not for story reasons; there's nothing about these new questlines that require knowledge of prior story events. Honestly, I'm fine with the Operator for as long as they can be ignored. But simply put, the Operator is one of the least-likable characters in the game. Honestly, if I could have skipped War Within or even Second Dream and not missed anything, I probably would have.

But what's done is done. And yes, I acknowledge that SOME content should require the Operator. Like... for the inevitable Natah boss fight/reunion in a future update, sure. I can accept needing the Operator for that. But please. No more "Void beam to strip invulnerability because reasons." No more "Bigoted jerk that won't talk to you unless you look like a middle schooler." No more "Let's get some Kuva and then go back to ignoring anything involving Kuva."

Again, I can only speak for myself here. I'm not saying that my feelings are the be-all end-all. But this is a forum for constructive criticism and feedback, so I wanted to offer my genuine opinion.

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Operators are very likeable characters if you put in the effort to make them properly. Also I see what you're saying, they're being shoved into most of the quests and content post TWW and white I personally have no problem with it because I like my Operator, I don't like how DE is going about with it. They should be part of the story but we shouldn't be forced to use them in boss fights like Chains of Harrow and the Sacrifice, I only got into amps and waybounds and such after those so I died dozens of times during those battles, and I know I'm not the only one. I liked the Chimera prologue a little because we had to use stealth instead of combat which seems to suit a fragile Operator a little more and think more content should be like that if at all they plan on adding any

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As someone who personally loves the concept of operators and their storylines, I cannot agree. 

But you're onto something here. Warframe is advertised with the titular characters for the main attraction, which they are. This does, however, in many cases, sets certain players up for an unpleasant surprise the moment they discover the real protagonist. 

Here's an analogy: You're a fan of this show because of that one character who takes center-stage. They are, for all intents and purposes, the driving force of the show. Then, at episode 12 the show-runners introduce this new character, whom you don't necessarily hate, but who then proceeds to steal the spotlight from the character you love, prompting you to hate them anyway. Your expectations have been hijacked.

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While I have no issue with operators, Little Duck's attitude towards your Warframe did seem a little odd.

The War Within quest itself showed that your operator's voice, your operator's mannerisms, and your operator's attitude are reflected on how your Warframe interacted with Teshin. From that scene alone it's so easy to see that the Operator and the Warframe are one and the same. Even Eudico and the others have no issue interacting with you regardless of appearance, because they know it's the same person.

It's like Little Duck didn't want to talk to you because you walked up to her wearing a shirt with the wrong color or something. You'd think DE would just make it so the game would simply check on whether you've learned transference or not, and have Little Duck say things based on that. Why even force the operator out?

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