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Titania Bugs with new update


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Here is list of all the bugs I've found:

Spellbind does not give status immunity at times even when cast at your feet.

Tribute does not weaken the target it has been cast on and sometimes does not drop a buff.

Tribute entangle does not proc the slow at times.

Lantern does not have the tether mechanic at all and still float away/launch away when shot. 

Lantern does not immediately grab aggro, drop aggro on Titania, nor does it even attract the enemies at all. 

Cannot cast four Lanterns.

Lantern will not explode half the time when cast.

Razorwing Blitz becomes buggy at times not procing additional move speed and fire rate.

Dex Pixa not procing Arcane Velocity or Arcane Precision.

Diwata not being affected by Arcane Strike.

Razorflies die instanly upon casting Razorwings at times.

Please fixs these bugs! They make Titania less enjoyable at times.

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Found out that using the archwing gun(imparator in my case) in regular missions (example Hydron defense) and switching to razorwing mode keeps your archwing gun equiped. Dont know If this is planned if so the archwing gun at this point is not having a standard hold animation. The reload animation works as normal. (Picture below is in hotfix 24.2.5)unknown.png

To add some fun in the mean time.

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In my case, while I can cast up to four, those lanterns are basically useless other than locking the target in a cc since it cannot cc the enemies around it. They will just walk towards the lantern while shooting me. Tried to do this in a simulacrum just to make sure I wasn't seeing things; turns out I wasn't. It really does NOT work.

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Yeah I've had no problem exploding them, but enemies are definitely not getting confused or held near them, just attracted. Not sure if this was intentional I mean I guess as an attack the exploding thing is useful but the major CC component of that definitely doesn't work now

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Oh I definitely hope that feature is not intentional. I would be definitely disappointed if it was. Titania got the revisiting she deserved but the catch is the lantern going from OOOOOMPH to omph. I actually kinda liked the old lantern compared to the new one even though it flies to neverland. At least the cc part of that ability is solid. 

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